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Using Relumino _ Relumino has numerous features. In order to use them effectively, let’s go over them in detail.

How to use


Required Devices

Before running Relumino, please have a smartphone and Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung Gear VR

Recommended models :  'Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 7 FE, Note 8' and later models

( Smartphones of other companies are incompatible. )

Compatible VR models :  All Samsung VR Gear models


Let’s look at how to install Relumino.

​01. Get a verification code

​02. ​Installation

First, unlock your Smartphone.

Follow the steps to install the Samsung Gear VR on the disconnected Smartphone.

Then, connect the VR device to the Smartphone.

The “Install Oculus” message will appear on the screen accompanied by a sound effect.

Install and run Oculus on smartphone.

Go to ‘More’ menu.

Disconnect the VR device from the Smartphone.

Enter ‘Redeem Code’.

After entering the code, press ‘Submit’ button.

코드 인증


There are two ways to run Relumino.

​01. First,

Run the VR device.

Run Relumino app.

Use Relumino app.

The first method is running it on the VR device.
Wear the VR device and select Relumino from ‘Store’ displayed on the screen.

​02. Secondly,

Run Oculus on a smartphone.

Install the Relumino app from the Oculus library and run it.

Combine smartphone with VR while running the Relumino app.

Use the Relumino app.

The second method is running it on the smartphone.
Install Oculus on the smartphone and select Relumino in the Library on the app.
Then, when the smartphone is connected to the VR device, it will run.

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