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Using Relumino _ Relumino has numerous features. In order to use them effectively, let’s go over them in detail.

How to use



Setting the smartphone and VR device before using Relumino.

​01. Checking device


Adjusting the focus

If the screen is not clearly visible, turn the wheel to the left or right for adjustment.


Horizontal check

If the screen is not seen horizontally, the smartphone or VR device needs to be adjusted.


Lens check

Make sure there are no foreign substances and wipe before use.

​02. Brightness control of VR device

Activate the VR device to enter the Oculus home screen.

Press and hold the ‘Back’ button of the VR device for 3 seconds to enter the profile screen.

Select the ‘Setting’ button, which is in the middle of the buttons on the right.

Move to the setting screen and set the brightness and contrast control bar to the value you want.

Press the ‘Back’ button on the VR device to return back to the profile screen.

Press the ‘Back’ button again to return to the Oculus home screen.

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