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This is the path that Relumino has walked on.
We will continue to strive to give more convenient service.
Relumino wishes our customers all the very best.
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Relumino Timeline


Official Launching of Relumino

We launched the app for free through the Oculus store.


Completion of Clinical Trials

We conducted clinical trials for approximately 7 months and applied more advanced algorithms based on data obtained from clinical studies.


MWC 2017 Exhibition

We participated in the Mobile World Congress Exhibition and received a great response from many participants.


Development of Relumino Version 2

We have developed a filter for defects in the visual fields such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, etc. The performance of rest of the features has also improved compared to the first version.


Member Recruitment

Two developers joined and made a team of three.


Project Initiation

One project leader initiated the project named ‘Gear View and Read’.


Launch of New Project Relumino Glasses

We started to develop Relumino glasses for users with low vision to help them see outdoors without any problems.


Development of Relumino Version 3

Improved usability for low visibility users for more convenience during use. 


User Testing Progress

Many tests were carried out by various external requests from groups of blind people and/or individual blind people.


C–Lab Fair Exhibition

We showcased Relumino at the company exhibition. Some features have been improved and supplemented through feedback obtained through the exhibition.


Development of Relumino Version 1

We visited the Welfare Center for the visually impaired to test the hypothesis. The image processing algorithm for low vision improvement had been obtained through the test results, and we developed the first version of Relumino.


Reification and Verification

In order to validate the hypotheses we came up with, we have created an early version of Relumino. Various tests have been carried out to find a screen filter optimized for people with low vision.


Selecting Samsung Electronics C-lab Project

Samsung Electronics’ C-lab project was selected as a vision assistant VR solution for people low vision.

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